Friday, October 24, 2008

Pasta de Gohan


After being missing for so long (assignments, food fair, exams... the usual drill), we're back with some backdated outings. This time we took a visit to Pasta de Gohan which basically serves fusion food, particularly Japanese and Itallian. Now let the pictures do the talking!

The outside of the restaurant is absolutely mouthwatering with plastic versions (anyone knows what they are called?) of their food... Shah was rather alarmed at my reaction to the decoration... they are just so pretty!!!

Me and Ash ordered sets so we had salad (above) and soup (below) as appetizers

My first thought about the soup is that it was a rather stingy portion because it was hardly half the bowl. But it was rich and in the end the volume was just nice for starters.

The garlic bread was done to perfection but lacked garlic taste...

Cream spaghetti with squid and fish roe. For people that do not cook or have access to exotic ingredients, this is quite good... creamy, spaghetti cooked to al dente, and the squid was just the right texture.

Ahhhh..... strawberry milkshake... can never resist ordering this =D
This was nice in presentation... has whipped cream!! But the taste was rather artificial....

Pizza... love the way it is served plus the cutter... a novelty...
Calvin was very happy with it.

The pickled vegetables came with the curry rice... someone asked if that is longan =D
This is not the usual Malaysian curry. It is rather sweet... and not to my liking...

Fried rice

Colourful drinks

All in all, it was a pleasant eating experience. The service was quick and warm, the food was reasonable, and the setting was comfortable. Presentation of food and drinks was also good. However, if comparing the food and price only, it is not really worth it. You will be paying for the overall experience. A place I will visit occasionally.


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